As a designer, I believe in the power of design thinking to approach problem-solving.

I constantly live in the middle between unbridled curiosity and a compulsive need to organise things. Which means I dive deep into subjects and draw inspiration from very different places to create strategies and designs. 

I believe in a human-first approach to design and business, which is how we approach all of our projects at Fricanduo an Africa focused design studio; with inclusivity and accessibility at its heart. 

I'm a knowledge-seeker and spend all of my free time educating myself in one way or another. Currently, I'm learning piano, coding, ethical hacking and architectural thinking. I've dropped a few interesting gems below.


I'm a designer and knowledge seeker interested in the overlap between the individual, culture and technology.

I pride myself on being a chameleon adapting to environments as a result of my unique upbringing navigating multiple cultures and languages. I was always very aware of the importance of empathy and curiosity when engaging with someone/something new. 

Now I approach problems with a curiosity that pulls me to dive deep into a subject and helps me draw inspiration from very different places.

I'm Co-founder of Fricanduo and currently freelancing and on a plan of self-learning.